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Mission - To advocate and support quality student employment while developing emerging professionals with career competence and financial literacy for life.

Vision - To become a student governed organization which develops forward thinking emergent professionals with career competence and sustainable employment beginning with student employment throughout retirement.


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Professional Etiquette

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Empowers students to reach their full employment potential while building valuable career skills of work experience, networking, professional etiquette, and positive self value.  Hirestudents.org empowers employers to provide opportunities for student talent in a variety of roles that fit their business needs, advertising, and workforce solutions.  Hire a student and build a successful partnership.

Employment Opportunities! Online Applications

Culinary Careers (Food Industry)

Are you preparing for a career in Culinary Arts?  Apply for Restaurant and Food industry Careers Check out these websites for job opportunities and job descriptions to find your ideal position.  Apply for Restaurant and Food industry Careers

Check out --> https://www.ihirechefs.com/ 

Employment in Education

Are you on an educational career pathway?  There are many entry level positions for students while they complete their requirements.  Apply at 




Healthcare Careers

Are you preparing for a career in healthcare.  There are many opportunities to get hands on experience in the healthcare industry.  Check out https://explorehealthcareers.org/ 


Public Service Careers / Gov't

Check out your local city and state job announcements and become familiar with the selections process.


Learn how to get any State job 


take an exam and apply!

Student Employment (Work Study)

For many students who qualify, federal work study is an incredible opportunity to work on or near campus and have a flexible work schedule.  If you qualify for financial aid, have a 2.0 GPA or above, and are enrolled in part -full time ask about federal work study.


VIP Students

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Professional Development

Professional Profiles

Always Update Your:

Resume = Curriculum Vitae - Online Profiles

References = Letters of Recommendation 

Great Applications = Interview

Cover Letters - Statement of Qualifications 

Social Media Profiles are Important to Keep Clean and professionial

Get Certified!

Get a certificate relevant to your industry, position, and career.  Hirestudents.org recommends:

Food industry - Culinary Permits -Servsafe https://www.servsafe.com/home 

CPR/FirstAid training-


Career Technical Education (CTE) is growing- Ask your educator about certificates in your class.

Volunteers of America

Volunteer Jobs - hirestudents.org recommends → 


Volunteer in the community it looks great on a resume and college application!  Good deeds go a long way!  Volunteering is a great substitute for work experience.

Align your volunteer work toward your ideal job!

Student Resources (On Campus)

Utilize your resources on campus!

  • Educators - Write phenomenal reference letters
  • College / Career Centers 
  • Media/Library Lab
  • After School Clubs
  • #StudyHall
  • #Sports 
  • #DebateTeam
  • #Fraternities
  • #Sororities
  • #StudentJobs

Industry Research

Choose the right industry, Choose the right Profession, Climb the career ladder!  

List of Industries  Hirestudents.org recommends → see for yourself. 



http://hbswk.hbs.edu/industries/ -          

#Harvard Business School

City of Sacramento residents 

Thousand Strong Initiative City of Sacramento

Professionalism and Ethics

Learn about and take an Ethical Lens Test - Understand how you operate and make decisions- learn about #EthicalLens  to understand your #Friends and #Colleagues--> 


Professional Etiquette --> hirestudents.org recommends --> https://www.careereducation.columbia.edu/resources/tipsheets/skills-business-etiquette 

What job/career best fits your personality?